Justin Bieber Compares His Plight To Michael Jackson’s In New Instagram Post

Mike Wass | January 24, 2014 11:33 am

Justin Bieber really thinks the world is out to get him. The 19-year-old, who was arrested in Miami yesterday (January 23) for DUI and drag racing, finally responded to the situation this morning. Instead of issuing an apology to shocked fans, the Canadian superstar updated his Instagram account with side-by-side photos of him and Michael Jackson.

There’s nothing subtle about this. Justin thinks he is being wronged by the media — much like the late great king of pop. “What more can they say,” he wrote on the post and even included a crown emoji. There’s no denying that the Journals singer is subject to a high degree of media scrutiny but that hardly gives him carte blanche to break the law.

The comparison with Michael is also galling because he was ruthlessly hounded for 30+ years (both before and after child abuse allegations arose in 1993) and, with all due respect to Justin, was in an entirely different league. See the teen’s misguided post and some MJ/JB side-by-side stats after the jump.

Michael Jackson

US number one hits: 13

US top 10 hits: 28

Grammys won: 13

Highest selling album: Thriller (50+ million copies sold worldwide)

Justin Bieber

US number one hits: 0

US top 10 hits: 5

Grammys won: 0

Highest selling album: My World 2.0 (5+ million copies sold worldwide)

What was Justin thinking? Speculate in the comments below.

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