One Direction Make “Midnight Memories” In New Video: Watch

Robbie Daw | January 31, 2014 9:23 am

Hey, everyone, One Direction‘s video for their Def Leppard “Pour Some Sugar On Me” cover is finally here, except it’s not really a cover — it’s “Midnight Memories”! — so that makes it all original and all good. Woo ha! And, these poor guys — they’re stuck at some lame ass house party  in the clip, watching some geeks make out and dance around…that is, until the totally awesome DJ slaps some hot 1D vinyl on the turntable and then it’s off to the kebab shop! Holy shit!

Then the guys Pour! Some! Sriracha! On! Me! (or, rather, on their food), and — F*** YEAH! — someone busts out the fire extinguisher! A pack of old broads race by on their old lady carts, one of them naturally doing Miley-tongue in Harry’s direction, and before you know it, 1D are racing around the streets with the grannies while fireworks shoot all over the place. (You read into the symbolism.)

When the gents steal some police guy’s boat and go cruising through the harbor, it’s so absolutely mind-blowing and insane, I can’t handle this total mindf*** any more. I’m, like, done for the rest of the month. Watch above and be born again.

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