Prince Teases 3rdEyeGirl’s “PretzelBodyLogic” & ‘New Girl’ Cameos: Watch

Christina Lee | January 31, 2014 10:42 am

Prince loves food, obviously. This fan forum thread, taking suggestions for a Prince-themed dinner party, may be the best testament to that fact. But a few other teasers — of his New Girl cameo and a new 3rdEyeGirl song — are good, recent examples too.

On New Girl, Prince counsels Jess (Zooey Deschanel) through a classic sitcom plot: saying “I love you” for the first time. The Purple Rain icon sips on tea as Jess complains, then accidentally disses him while complaining and then proceeds to finish her pancakes — his orders. In “PretzelBodyLogic,” 3rdEyeGirl break into a chorus initially as playful as a Sesame Street song but ultimately as sexually frustrated as Prince can be, at times: “Dreaming of each other on each other’s tongue / Taste the bittersweet, undone / Now we’re both too sleepy to get the gun.”

In between the food references, though, is another hilarious thread — apparently, Prince loves to poke fun at how he intimidates people. The “PretzelBodyLogic” teaser cuts to a photo of a child captioned “PRAISE,” in true Know Your Meme form. Meanwhile, when he calls Jess stupid and then Jess retorts with, “You’re stupid,” Prince unleashes the best blank stare. Then another one.

New Girl airs February 2 after the Super Bowl, while “PretzelBodyLogic” (off the forthcoming Plectrum Electrum) drops — well, who knows. Watch a FOX teaser up top, then see other clips and preview the new song below.

[via Okayplayer]