Prince & 3rdEyeGirl’s “PretzelBodyLogic”: Hear The Lusty Rocker

Carl Williott | February 3, 2014 9:23 am

Prince had a very funny turn in New Girl last night (February 2) after the Super Bowl, but during the episode we only really got a snippet of a maybe new song —  it featured Zooey Deschanel on vocals, so it very well could’ve been made specifically for the episode. Being the cagey, pancake-loving enigma that he is, today the Purple One has officially released an entirely different new track with 3rdEyeGirl called “PretzelBodyLogic.”

The song is a tightly coiled rocker about sex and guns, featuring hard-charging guitars under the tongue-twister of a yelped chorus (“PretzelBodyLogic it’s so much fun / Dreaming of each other on each other’s tongue”). It’s available now on iTunes but you can stream it below.

As for the track in the episode, it may be called “Don’t U Wanna Fall In Love Tonight” and you can hear it at the 19:15 mark in this stream of the show.

[via DDotOmen]