Katy B’s ‘Little Red’ Album: Listen To All The Tracks

Robbie Daw | February 4, 2014 9:20 am

If you were on board for Annie‘s 2013 release The A&R EP and its heady throwback to the days of parking garage rave culture and booming happy house beats, then get ready for Katy B‘s sophomore LP Little Red. The singer weaves her words atop retro synths and club grooves straight out of the Bush, Sr. and Clinton eras on tracks like “Next Thing,” “5AM,” “Aaliyah” and “I Like You,” all to the benefit of everyone’s ’90s throwback sensibilities. It’s not all oonce-oonce-oonce, however, as Katy dabbles with old-school R&B on “Tumbling Down” and straight-up ’80s synth balladry on current UK chart hit “Crying For No Reason” and the moody “Emotions.”

Little Red is streaming now on UK iTunes ahead of its February 10 release. But while Sony has yet to announce a US release date for the album, you can listen to clips of each track below.

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