Lana Del Rey Tells Fans ‘Ultraviolence’ Will Be Released May 1: Watch

Carl Williott | February 10, 2014 6:20 am

Lana Del Rey‘s Ultraviolence is getting a spring release, if the singer’s off-the-cuff comments to fans are to be believed. In a video posted by user lanadelreyrussia, LDR is seen signing autographs for fans (and even singing “Happy Birthday” to one lucky guy). A gum-chomping woman operating the camera asks Lana when her next album is coming out. “It’s coming out soon, May 1,” Lana responds, before laughing and asking, “Is that on video?”

When asked to describe the release, Del Rey explains, “It’s so good that it made me forget about the last record. I’m in love with it, there’s something about it.”

Her label hasn’t confirmed the date, but still, get excited. Watch the video below.

[via Billboard]