‘American Idol’: It’s Down To The Final 30 Contestants…Sort Of (See Who All Made It)

Lisa Timmons | February 14, 2014 5:53 am

Contestants stream through the judgement room as 17 of the top 30 spots remain to be filled. Before the end of the episode, American Idol judges, Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Lopez, will do just that. Also, guess what? There’s a twist at the end. As it turns out, they were dead the whole time. Kidding!

After Wednesday night’s cliffhanger, we return to C.J. Harris and Casey Thrasher. These two sang their hearts out in a one-on-one last minute face-off. After a long, drawn-out speech from Harry, Casey finds out he survived. And then, surprise, so did C.J.! Hugs for everyone!

Miley Cyrus clone,Marrialle Sellars chose Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” for her solo. Wide-eyed and terrified, she finds out that she is making it through and explodes into happiness, not unlike an adorable anime character.

Jena Ascuitto sang an original song at the keyboard and in the judgement room Harry cuts to the chase and tells her outright that she’s in the top 15 ladies. Harry tells her she’s going to be the sleeper. Jena responds, “I thought I was the sleeper because I took a nap.” Ha!

Baby Meat Loaf, Caleb Johnson, made it to the final judging in season 11 and is hoping to make it all the way this time around. On solo day, he stepped out with his trademark rocker voice, belting, “Radioactive.” His performance gets Jennifer fist-pumping. Harry doesn’t seem to be into it and expresses concern whether or not Caleb is “relevant today.” After a commercial break, we learn he’s safe.

Ethan Harris looks terrified. His song choice was Tim McGraw‘s “I’m Amazed by You.” Harry thinks he’s interesting but Keith was not a fan of the song selection, but Ethan makes it through.

Now, it’s time for some goodbyes, including David Oliver Willis. Majesty Rose York forgot her words during the last performance but still manages to secure a spot in the top 30. Briston Maroney and his super fake voice perform Passenger‘s “Let Her Go.” Harry tells him a story about wanting to move to New York and after a meandering speech, Briston learns he is staying.

Disney princesses Brandy Neelly and Briana Oakley enter the judgement room together. Both are return contestants and learn at the same time that they’re both in the top 30.

Sixteen-year-old Kenzie Hall is a blubbering mess when we return from commercial break. She finds out she made it through and then sheds happy tears. Savion Wright comes into the judgement room playing his ukelele. For his solo performance, he chose an original. The sweet-faced Texan then learns from Keith the bad news that he’s going home.

Sandie Lee brought a smile to Harry Connick Jr.’s face. Sadly, however, when she goes to the judgement room with Austin Wolfe, she learns it’s not enough to secure her spot. Thats right, Austin Wolfe is the last girl selected for the top 15.

The last two guys remaining, Ben Briley and Neco Starr, learn in the judgement room that the final spot will be determined by America’s votes. So it’s up to you to vote to see who the 30th contestant will be. Next week, it’s three days of Idol with the ladies performing live on Tuesday, the guys on Wednesday and a Thursday results show.

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