Whatcha Say: Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry Got Our Readers Talking

Bradley Stern | February 14, 2014 5:30 pm

Happy Valentine’s Day, Idolator readers! We hope you’re having a romantic night with your special sweetie — and if you’re riding solo, then you better be getting super turnt up with your friends. Or enjoying a nice night at home. Whatever, as long as you’re having fun!

All week long, we supplied the V-Day spark with our special Sapphic “Ladies Who Duet” playlist, pop star-themed cards, as well as our top artist-producer break-ups round-up.

And things heated up in pop world, too! Mariah Carey got our hearts beating with “You’re Mine (Eternal),” Katy Perry unveiled Katy Patra in her “Dark Horse” trailer and Nicki Minaj got downright vicious on “Lookin Ass Ni–a.” As always, you guys had plenty to say. Check out the week’s best comments below!

:: Drew didn’t mind Nicki’s return, but felt it could have been stronger on Nicki Minaj Sizzles In Black And White “Lookin Ass Ni–a” Video: Watch: “Wow, Nicki… going back to basics. I like this Nicki but the song could have been better. Video was interesting but lacked the excitement of her return. She could have really strangled the critics here. Instead they got a short slap to the face.”

:: And Phillip clearly wasn’t interested in looking at all: “What a piece of crap.”

:: John was almost excited for the Mariah teaser — until he found out it wasn’t much of a teaser at all on Mariah Carey Reveals “You’re Mine (Eternal)” Single Art & Album Release Date: “I just sat through a Mariah commercial with no sample of the new single. Well played, Idolator. Well played.”

:: zzy wasn’t too impressed with Mimi’s new video on Mariah Carey Is A Glittering Goddess In “You’re Mine (Eternal)” Video: Watch: “Mariah has the mental capacity of a teen. She’s 15 going on 50.”

:: And Dylan was tinkled pink by Mimi’s shade-filled interview on Mariah Carey Shades Ariana Grande And Nicki Minaj In Amazing Radio Interview: Watch: “Long live the Queen of Shade. Haha, love it so much.”

:: But Guest was not having that: “If she was really so above it all, she wouldn’t have to throw shade. #EgoCheckLikeNow”

:: And Elizabeth truly shut everyone down with the facts: “I’m (not) sorry, but she did not rip into American Idol. She said that she expected it to be a three-person panel, and that she had lobbied to get Lenny Kravitz hired as a fourth judge. The “ripping” came in when she said the sideshow with Nicki detracted from what she was really there to do: mentor new talent. She didn’t say anything negative about the show, and doesn’t regret doing it.”

:: Mike didn’t really love Katy Patra’s grillz on Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” Video: Preview The Clip & See Katy Patra’s OTT Grill: “I shouldn’t expect much considering all her videos are pretty bad but she is 29 now. First Roar with it’s Disney Channel vibes and then Unconditionally looking like a commercial and then this with it’s cheesy storyline? I get she’s “kooky” and “weird” and doesn’t take herself too seriously but this just comes off as tacky.”

:: But Bow Down Bitches disagreed: “ZOMG! KATYPATRA! #everything”

:: And finally, Mick put his defenses up and gave us a history lesson in the name of Justin Timberlake on Justin Timberlake Picks “Not A Bad Thing” As The Next ’2 Of 2′ Single: Listen To The Radio Edit: “I love this song!! Don’t get the hate for songs that are 6 or 7 minutes long though. You have to really have a short attention span if you can’t sit through a song of that length. Good thing you weren’t born during Jethro Tull’s time on radio. He had a song that was over 20 minutes. Seven minutes use to be an average length of song back then.”

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