Estelle Shocks With Highly Explicit New Single “Make Her Say (Beat It Up)”: Listen

Mike Wass | February 18, 2014 6:41 pm

What happened to Estelle? The last time we heard from her in 2012, the classy British diva was singing gorgeous soul ballads like “Thank You” and “Wonderful Life”. Cut to 2014 and she’s hawking a buzz single called “Make Her Say (Beat It Up)” about her vagina. Reinvention is great but this might be taking things a step too far!

The song itself is highly enjoyable filth. A more subtle version wouldn’t sound out of place on Beyonce‘s visual album but even the “Partition” diva would balk at lyrics like “beat the pussy up!” and “you can fuck me again babe but never the same”. As such, it remains something of a curiosity for fans of pornographic R&B (think ’80s Vanity). If nothing else this will get people talking about Estelle again and I think that’s the whole point. Listen after the jump.

Who do you think of Estelle’s transformation into a man-hungry vamp? Have your say in the comments below.

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