Dan Auerbach Confirmed As Lana Del Rey’s ‘Ultraviolence’ Producer

Carl Williott | February 21, 2014 5:59 am

Lana Del Rey yesterday (February 20) confirmed rumors that she had something cooking up in Nashville for Ultraviolence, by posting a photo with The Black Keys‘ Nashville-based front man Dan Auerbach, saying they were “excited to present” the album. While it’s possible Auerbach has been enlisted in a supporting role for guitars or vocals, it was more likely that he was brought in as a producer (he won 2013’s Producer Of The Year Grammy). Today, Revolt TV reports that “a rep for Interscope Records has exclusively confirmed” that he is in fact producing Lana’s sophomore LP.

It’s an interesting pairing for numerous reasons — Lana’s lush, noir sensibilities contrast with Auerbach’s crate-digging, blues/soul pedigree, for one thing. And back in 2012, after her disastrous SNL performance, The Black Keys were asked about Lana and basically predicted she’d flame out and be forgotten soon. Additionally, Lana has described the forthcoming album as being “so dark it’s almost unlistenable,” while the key Black Key tends to helm projects that have a vintage warmth to them. Lots of dynamics at play here.

Another factor to consider: this news seems to quash the rumors that Giorgio Moroder was working behind the boards on the album — but we’re still holding out hope the synth legend shows up somewhere on the project.

[via Revolt TV]