Foster The People’s “Pseudologia Fantastica”: Hear The Space-y ‘Supermodel’ Epic

Carl Williott | February 21, 2014 6:59 am

Foster The People‘s lead Supermodel single “Coming Of Age” was a pleasant, if rather unassuming, bit of guitar pop. New album cut “Pseudologia Fantastica” is much weirder and more substantial in every way, from the title on down. It starts off with galactic synth textures and thumping percussion, but then the chorus is driven by a chunky piano chord and driving bass line. Just when you think things can’t get prettier, a shoegaze-lite swirl of feedback enters the mix.

The chorus vocals are reminiscent of AM-era Arctic Monkeys, and the rest of the song is like a less riff-driven Tame Impala for the pop set. If it weren’t clear yet, this is their most ambitious rock exercise to date.

Head below to hear the song and see the full lyric sheet the band posted to Twitter.

[via Consequence of Sound]