Nelly Furtado Has “No Regrets”: Listen To The Gorgeous Unreleased Track

Mike Wass | February 26, 2014 3:40 pm

Nelly Furtado reminded us 1. that’s she’s still alive and 2. a brilliant pop star when she shared lovely unreleased track “Red Balloons” a couple of weeks ago. The Canadian diva freed another stellar demo from her laptop today (February 26) — unleashing “No Regrets”, most likely another outtake from underrated LP The Spirit Indestructible.

As much as I liked “Red Balloons”, it sounded like a work in progress. “No Regrets”, on the other hand, is a fully formed and rather fantastic pop song. This is vintage Nelly Furtado. Co-written and produced by Rick Nowels, the uplifting track taps into the folk-with-a-modern-twist aesthetic of Loose highlights “All Good Things” and “Say It Right”. In other words, it’s extremely good.

The arrival of “No Regrets” raises two questions. Why was gem omitted from the 35-year-old’s last album and when will we get new music? I guess we’ll never get an answer to the former but Nelly’s team could be leaking these tracks to seed a future project. Cross your fingers! In the meantime, listen to the “Big Hoops” singer’s latest after the jump.

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