Jennifer Lopez And Ricky Martin Make Out In Wisin’s Sexy “Adrenalina” Video: Watch

Mike Wass | March 3, 2014 10:39 am

Puerto Rican rapper Wisin pulled off a major coup when Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin agreed to feature on his new single “Adrenalina” and he makes the most of the opportunity by having the most beautiful 40-somethings on earth dance up a storm (and passionately make out!) in the video.

Once you get past the fact that Wisin looks like Pitbull‘s long-lost twin brother, there’s a lot to love about this clip. The MC throws a party in a Thunderdome-esque venue and invites all his friends to dance in the dirt. Jenny and her famous butt steal the show —  she parades around in skimpy outfits and even twerks for like two seconds — but Ricky holds his own by standing there and looking pretty.

As much as I (grew to) love “Same Girl”, I can’t help but think that an infectious Latin-infused dance anthem like “Adrenalina” is just what J.Lo needs to kickstart the campaign for her eighth studio album. She does this Miami-party sound better than anyone and always delivers with the choreography. Watch her in action up top.

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