‘The Voice’ Recap: Sisaundra Lewis Wows Coaches With An Aretha Franklin Cover

Caila Ball-Dionne | March 4, 2014 5:43 am

The Voice on Monday night (March 3) was riddled with regret. Coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira and Usher were filled with second guesses any time they did not turn their chairs for would-be contestants. Going for the title of “nicest panel on television,” the coaches issued more impassioned “Why’s?” than Nancy Kerrigan after that ’94 Olympics kneecapping incident as they mourned the overlooked contestants.

Come now, coaches, time to face facts: not everyone’s a winner. Just ask Tonya Harding. (Olympics jokes are still timely, right??)

Though those who choked during the Blind Auditions are likely still keeping the bleeding heart coaches up at night, it’s time to focus on the winners. Read on to see who made it through.

Ryan Whyte Maloney – 33 – Michigan Ryan Whyte Maloney kicks off the night with a four chair turn (or, as it shall now be known in social media prompts, #4chairs). The coaches spin for his strong performance of Journey’s “Lights,” complete with flawless soaring high notes.

“I took the time because I wanted to see if you would continue to work for that turn,” says Usher, who turned around at the last moment. “That’s what it takes to be an incredible talent and a success on this show.”

“If there’s one guy you remind me so much of, it’s Steve Perry,” says Adam, who has a keen grasp of the obvious.

“I don’t know how you get that high but look so studly,” adds Blake.

“I felt so much emotion in your delivery, and that’s what got me,” Shakira says.

Noting that his children would want him to pick Blake, he joins Team Shelton.

DeShawn Washington – 23 – Louisiana Louisiana native DeShawn Washington has the coaches twisting in their seats during his soulful rendition of Sam Cooke’s “Twistin’ The Night Away.” The only chair to twist for his classic voice, however, is Shakira’s. She celebrates while the guys agree that they all should have turned.

“I’m stupid,” says Usher “I really wanted to hit my button, and I didn’t.”

“Usher’s even stupider than I am,” Adam agrees.

“I’m the only smart one here,” says Shakira, welcoming Deshawn to her team.

Sam Behymer – 25 – Los Angeles Los Angeles nanny Sam Behymer emotionally explains that her parents don’t fully support her music career, wishing instead that she was “financially stable.” As she chokes back tears, she says that if The Voice doesn’t work out, she might even have to go to grad school. Luckily, Sam is better at singing than telling sob stories. Her cover of Lorde’s “Royals” impresses both Adam and Usher, and her unique accent and tone sounds like a cross between Rihanna, Lorde and The Cranberries. Oddly, it works.

“You are a breath of fresh air today, because a lot of singers that sing left of center sound a lot like Regina Spektor or Adele. Not you,” says Adam.

“You possess a really unique tone,” says Usher. “Individuality is my specialty.”

Sam joins Team Adam, narrowly dodging the grad school bullet.

Brothers Walker – 26 – Missouri If the Swon Brothers weren’t quite related enough for you, the Brothers Walker might be more your speed. The identical twin duo once opened for the Johnny Cash Show when they were just young’ns, and take to The Voice stage looking to recapture that fame. The duo sings Zac Brown Band’s “Keep Me In Mind,” and it’s so well-harmonized that it takes away the inherent creepy factor stemming from a set of identical twins performing a love ballad together.

Usher, who has his feet propped up the whole time, kicks his button at the last moment, creating, as Carson Daly puts it, “The most unique button push in the history of The Voice.” (Please let Shakira outdo him this season by getting in a button push with her hips!)

“This is going to be one of the most incredible experiences ever, because I get to work in an area that I respect, but that I’ve never necessarily touched,” Usher says of his uncontested win.

Clarissa Serna – 27 – Texas Continuing the #4chairs trending topic, Texas native Clarissa Serna wows with her performance of “Zombie” by The Cranberries. It’s not the typical powerhouse performance that usually earns the honor of #4chairs, but her angry ’90s growl hits a nostalgic chord.

“You just beat me down with your voice,” says Blake. “It kept getting stronger.”

“I just thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout the entire thing,” says Adam.

Cute comments, boys, but Shakira has a history lesson ready. “In history, tactics never won a war. Strategy wins the war,” she says, likening herself to Alexander the Great and the others to Hannibal. “Are you going to end up with a bunch of Hannibals here, or Alexander the Great?”

Though unclear if Clarissa is following Shakira’s cross-century comparison, she picks The Voice’s Alexander the Great, Shakira.

Melissa Jimenez – 29 – New Jersey Prior to auditioning on the show, Melissa Jimenez has experienced a good deal of success as a working musician. On top of performing vocals with her dad’s 10-piece band, she has performed with Wyclef Jean (featured on both “Let Me Touch Your Button” and “Selena”) and released an album (Signed, Sealed, Delivered) with Universal Motown Records.

Hoping to revive her career, Melissa sings Alicia Keys‘s “If I Ain’t Got You,” and totally nails it. She comes in a cappella, and even incorporates a switch between English and Spanish during the chorus. At the last minute, both Usher and Shakira turn around.

“I’m really great friends with Alicia Keys,” name drops Usher. “We covered that song together. We made history; I’d like to make history with you.”

“You and me, we’re going to be unstoppable,” Shakira tells Melissa.

Despite an English/Spanish/Greek banter between Melissa and Shakira, she ultimately picks fellow “If I Ain’t Got You” singer, Usher.

Patrick Thomson – 35 – Missouri Some new coach alliances begin to form during folk singer Patrick Thomson’sperformance. The 35 year-old sings The Marshall Tucker Band’s “Can’t You See,” prompting Adam and Blake to spin and spar for his attention.

“My team needs grit,” says Adam. “I don’t think anybody occupies the space you occupy.”

Blake commends Patrick on his ability to sing like he just “gargled broken glass,” but with control.

Before Patrick makes a decision, Usher chimes in with support for Adam. Whether it was that endorsement, or the idea of Blake making him actually gargle glass, Patrick opts for the less jagged Team Adam.

Sisaundra Lewis – 44 – Florida Talk about an impressive pre-Voice resume! Prior to the Blind Auditions, Sisaundra Lewis made quite a name for herself as a vocal director for Celine Dion! Sisaundra’s work on five tours must have made an impression on the Canadian crooner, as the “Loved Me Back To Life” singer herself recorded a special (and super-branded) message wishing her luck in the Blind Auditions.

Sisaundra does her mentor proud with a powerful performance of Aretha Franklin’s “Ain’t No Way,” ending the evening with a #4chairs.

“I would buy your record if it came out tomorrow,” says Blake.

“Your performance was so electric,” gushes Adam, though he mentions he sees much untapped potential in her.

“This is a golden song and moment for you as a performer,” says Usher.

“These guys are not going to know how to take care of you,” says Shakira. “I’m good with girls.”

Sisaundra feels a good vibe from Oklahoma’s finest, so she makes her way to Team Shelton. This marks a huge win for Blake.

And the Others NBC has more than just The Voice to air on Monday nights (yes, the Blacklist counts), so a quick montage will have to do for three untelevised performers. Lindsay Pagano joins Team Shakira, Joshua Howard joins Team Adam and Tanner James joins Team Usher. Catch ya folks in the Battles…

…and catch some more Voice hopefuls on tonight’s Blind Auditions, when the coach competition to snag more teammates intensifies.