SoMo Delivers A Soulful Cover Of Beyonce’s Mega-Hit “Drunk In Love”: Listen

Mike Wass | March 4, 2014 5:22 pm

SoMo is makin inroads on the Billboard Hot 100 with major label debut single “Ride”, which continues to prompt panty-dropping and unplanned pregnancies wherever played. The 26-year-old’s self-titled debut album drops April 8 but he somehow found the time to cover Beyonce‘s meme-spawning mega-hit “Drunk In Love”.

Not that surprisingly for someone who landed a record deal by racking up 50+ million YouTube views with crafty covers, Joseph Somers-Morales‘ (his real name) interpretation of Bey’s tune is spot on. He transforms “Drunk In Love” into a soulful sex jam — complete with minimal beats and rubbery synths — that forgoes Jay Z‘s rap altogether. Listen after the jump.

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