Sky Ferreira Slams Online Bullies In Facebook Post

Carl Williott | March 5, 2014 6:29 am

Sky Ferreira took to Facebook to make a plea against online bullying, slamming those who have lobbed abusive comments her way (sexual or otherwise) recently. “I’m exhausted of (more than some) people telling me how I should look or be if I want to be a ‘pop star’ & how they think it’s okay to say vile & (sexually) abusive shit to me on a daily basis over the internet,” she starts. “I’m not only writing about myself…because almost every person has to deal with this.”

The “pop star image” is something Sky has been battling since it was foisted upon her at a young age, and part of why her debut Night Time, My Time was so great was because she so brazenly ignored industry standards — angst instead of glamour, scuzzy guitars instead of bass drops, a topless cover  — to make a pop album on her own terms.

Ferreira signed off with a bit of advice that she hopes will stop abusive Internet behavior: “If you see hateful/disgusting/abusive comments, please start reporting it or deleting it. I think that’s the only way we can start to lower that sort of thing from happening. Use the internet as a way to connect with others & LEARN.” See her full Facebook post below.

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