Lady Gaga Announces SXSW Show Sponsored By Doritos

Carl Williott | March 6, 2014 5:28 am

After Lady Gaga was reportedly denied a permit to perform on Doritos’ giant vending machine stage at SXSW, she has announced she’ll be headlining a show at Stubb’s in Austin on March 13 as part of the festival. Stubb’s holds about 2,200 people (though it feels much smaller than that), so it’s one of the bigger venues at SXSW, but it’s still a rare chance to catch an intimate show from the ARTPOP diva.

So how does one get into the show? Well, she’s still partnering with Doritos, and they’ve conceived various challenges (“Bold Missions” to go with the brand’s “bold flavors”) that fans must complete ahead of the concert. The first such task is called Bold Bravery, which Gaga described thusly: “I want you to share a picture or a video that expresses your individuality through a bold action. What bold thing have you done that makes you stand out?” She’ll pick a winner from each mission who will get VIP access. As for industry attendees or swanky Platinum badge-holders? They won’t get to circumvent this nonsense, and still have to perform a Bold Mission at badge pickup in order to have their credentials entered into a raffle for tickets.

Further challenges will be revealed on and the brand’s social pages (as well as Gaga’s, presumably). Check out Gaga’s announcement for the first mission below.

[via Billboard]

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