Big Boi Nerds Out On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Mixtape Track “Mother Of Dragons”: Listen

Carl Williott | March 6, 2014 7:21 am

This Game Of Thrones mixtape idea, Catch The Throne, is so great, even if it ends up being a terrible tape, because it’s giving us a chance to hear a bunch of rappers nerd out about one of the best and geekiest franchises in pop culture right now. It tells us we are not alone. When we’re freaking out about the Red Wedding or demanding to see more dragon action or stressing about King Joffrey, we know that Big Boi, Common, Wale and more are doing it, too (rappers, they’re just like us).

So here we have Big Boi’s contribution, “Mother Of Dragons,” which fans of the show will know is about the Khaleesi, Daenerys Targaryen. “Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons is one of my favorite characters,” he told VIBE. “The throne actually belongs to her and to see her plight to get back on top to where she belongs has been the thing… Like James Brown said, it’s the season to get the big payback.”

I guess if we’re not gonna get new music from Outkast, a Daddy Fat Sax song with the line “Fuck the Lannisters and everybody ridin’ with ’em / Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch finna slide some iron in ’em” is a fine consolation prize. Hear it below, and check out Wale’s “King Slayer,” which interpolates the show’s theme song, at Billboard.

Catch The Throne drops for free March 11.

[via VIBE]

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