Whatcha Say: Adam Lambert, Ashanti and Lea Michele Got Our Readers Talking

Bradley Stern | March 7, 2014 5:30 pm

Happy Friday, Idolator readers! There was no shortage of the pop action this week. (Is there ever?!) Iggy Azalea dropped her UH-amazing Clueless-themed video for “Fancy” with Charli XCX, Ashanti dropped her long-awaited LP Braveheart, Coldplay supplied some surprise “Magic” and of course, Miley and Katy traded playfully shady swipes on Twitter over their recent tonsil action in concert. (Meow!) Plus, Adam Lambert announced a new summer tour with Queen!

We had a bunch of promising talent premiere this weekend on Idolator, including new videos and music from the likes of Misterwives, Allie X and Telegraph. Plus, we named our top #MILEYSMOOCH lip-lockers AND our reader’s favorite album of February. As always, you guys had plenty to say. Check out the week’s best comments below!

As always, you guys had plenty to say. Check out the best comments of the week below!

:: Ron rushed to the defense of a fallen Gaga on Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP Ball Tour Is *Not* Losing Money, According Live Nation: “People just really need to leave this girl alone. These past couple of months have been so negative. She’s damned if she does and she’s damned if she doesn’t. The really sad part about this is that she’s actually truly talented, and one of the only ones right now that truly deserves the amount of success she’s achieved. She has the talent to back the hype up.”

:: Alright, Alright, Alright was not pleased with our review of Ashanti’s new album — so much so, they expected FOUL PLAY on Ashanti’s ‘Braveheart’: Album Review: “I would have respected this review more if the writer alluded to the difficulties in vocal arrangement or nuances in musical composition. Obviously the writer is not musically saavy and MUST have an ulterior motive.”

:: ThisIsBillG however, had similar thoughts to the original review: “Braveheart is a really good album… If you skip the first 8 tracks.”

:: drew had a great idea for Nicki Minaj’s mom on Nicki Minaj’s Mom Is Releasing An EDM-Tinged Gospel Single Called “God’s Been Good”: Listen: “I think her name should be Candi Minaj. Note: I didn’t listen to the song. It would be a mortal sin if I did.”

:: Gunny had a lot of thoughts about the new Lea Michele on Lea Michele’s ‘Louder’: Album Review: “I thought the review was more than fair. I’ve been a fan of Lea’s since Spring Awakening and love this album. This is the first time someone has really addressed the issue that every thing changed after Cory died. I think I’m listening to it differently because he’s gone now. I don’t know that I have a favorite, I love them all for different reasons and I find it interesting that with each review, the reviewer has a different favorite.”

:: And speaking of Lea, tenthplanet kept cool while praising Lea and Adam Lambert’s cover of “Barracuda” on Adam Lambert And Lea Michele Cover Heart’s Classic Rock Anthem “Barracuda” For ‘Glee’: Listen: “Hey – what a great cover – Lambert’s vocals are terrific – rockin’ it out – more, please.”

:: Ann M was also in love with Mr. Lambert’s performance: “You forgot to mention Adam’s outstanding solo performance of “Marry The Night” on Glee. Incredible!!! I also loved “Barracuda” and Lea did OK but she was somewhat outside of her comfort zone. As usual, Adam knocked it out of the ballpark!!! I was hoping to see a lot more of Demi on Glee. She’s got an incredible voice. I would have liked to hear Adam and her really rock it out in a duet but I do like “The Happening” with Chris.”

:: And finally, LMG LOVED the cover too, but had a little problem with the billing: “Why does it say Lea Michele feat. Adam Lambert? It should be the other way around. At least he didn’t phone it in like she did.”

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