DJ Snake & Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What” Video Is The Most Insane Thing You’ll Watch All Month

Robbie Daw | March 12, 2014 10:25 am

The video for “Turn Down For What,” DJ Snake‘s trappy collab with crunk king Lil Jon, takes things to a whole new level of WTF-ness not quite seen before. In it, some dude’s invincible crotch causes him to crash through the roof of an apartment building and into some woman’s house. She freaks the eff out and throws a plant at his man junk and tries to beat it with a baseball bat, only to have her own booty star popping uncontrollably after it takes on the same Herculean powers.

These two then fall through the floor into the next apartment, and more chaos ensues. There’s rabid television humping, some mom’s massive, bouncing boobs and a trashy party to end all parties. But you know what? That original guy’s d*** keeps gyrating, even after everyone else is passed out. Solid.

Watch this epic trash up above, if you’ve got a few extra brain cells to spare.

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