Lady Gaga’s “Brooklyn Nights”: Hear The Unreleased ‘ARTPOP’ Ballad

Christina Lee | March 16, 2014 9:07 am

Lady Gaga sings sweetly of heartbreak in “Brooklyn Nights,” an unreleased dance-pop ballad that has surfaced online. She recalls nights of crying herself to sleep and souvenirs from a past relationship, though she sings the hook as if other, fond memories are surfacing as well: “It’s not that I don’t want to love you / It’s not that I’m over it, you know, you know / It’s just that I can’t watch us to bleed to death / When we used to be Brooklyn-nights happy.”

According to Gagapedia, Mother Monster had written “Brooklyn Nights” while inspired by a visit to a North Carolina adult shop where “the pornography was staggering.” Although she originally meant for it to appear on her third album ARTPOP, she later saved for the album’s corresponding app – in retrospect, a decision that makes sense. As promised by Gaga, “Brooklyn Nights” is indeed melancholy and sentimental, though it also feels a little stilted, if not robotic compared to her past ballads.

Hear Lady Gaga’s previously unreleased “Brooklyn Nights” after the jump.

[via The Honesty Hour]