Rubycon’s “Serial Crusha”: Start Your Week Off With The Breezy Indie-Pop Track

Robbie Daw | March 17, 2014 5:30 am

It’s Monday, and winter is (hopefully) winding down to its inevitable close,  so we figured, why not kick off the week with something new? New York artist Rubycon is set to release his LP Buku Love on March 25, and he describes it to us as “a really fun album: Shameless pop music, with a touch of glam, electro indie pop, good for dancing, lovemaking, great to sing along to.”

Ahead of that, Rubycon posted his single “Serial Crusha” online. As the title implies, the indie-pop song lyrically ticks off a list of loves the singer has encountered, all sung with a Frankie Valli-esque falsetto over a bouncy bed of beats and synths. Listen below.

Rubycon tells explains “Serial Crusha” to us with the following: “The institution of a committed relationship is one that is approved by society, but if you are a single person and not in a long term committed relationship — like many of us — you may have a long list of different loves in your life, and it’s not so pretty to be confronted with that reality, that so many of us have lists like this. So, I was interested in that, the modern, non-romantic love song that airs our dirty laundry list, if you will, but without judgement, with acceptance.”

Like what you hear? Rubycon’s full album Buku Love will be made available to purchase on iTunes and stream on Spotify on March 25. More information can be found here.

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