Farrah Abraham’s “Blowin” Video: Watch And Prepare To Transcend All That Is Classy

Robbie Daw | March 17, 2014 1:37 pm

This is truly the luckiest St. Patrick’s Day ever, because Autotune goddess/porn icon/mother of the year Farrah Abraham has blessed your ears and mine with new music. Behold, the video for “Blowin”, a song so in touch with modern technology and hot ‘n’ trendy social media platforms that it features the sextape icon “singing” from the profile pic box on her Twitter and Facebook pages; so family-oriented that it shows the loving mom giving her daughter tender pecks with her famous mouth; so high-concept that the wild club she’s twirling in with her pals doesn’t look like her dad’s living room at all.

We don’t know from whence this divine trash came from, but thank god it came, period. Behold the magic that is “Blowin'” above, pop fantatics!

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