The Black Keys Announce New Album Via Tweet By Mike Tyson (Yes, That Mike Tyson)

Christina Lee | March 22, 2014 8:05 am

The Black Keys (frontman Dan Auerbach, drummer Patrick Carney) enlisted heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson to help announce its eighth studio album. Tyson’s role wasn’t even the strangest part of it all – on March 21, he tweeted the album’s title, Turn Blue, and a promo video featuring a spinning pink record and an unidentified hypnotherapist. “I am inside you now,” he says, adding, “For I will breathe life into your hopelessness.”

The hypnotherapist’s nose flares up and eyes widen. “Your soul is mine.”

The Black Keys have proven before that they know exactly who to hire to promote their records. For Turn Blue‘s predecessor, 2011’s El Camino, the blues-rock duo tapped actor Bob Odenkirk (Saturday Night Live, cult favorite Mr. Show) for a promo video and then-unknown actor, musician and security guard Derrick T. Tuggle for its “Lonely Boy” video. (Tuggle was last seen in Pharrell‘s “Happy” video.) El Camino has since been certified platinum and earned the Black Keys three Grammys.

See The Black Keys’ Turn Blue promo video, as premiered by Mike Tyson, after the jump.

[via Rolling Stone]