Shakira’s “Empire” Video: Shak Is A Runaway Bride On Fire

Carl Williott | March 25, 2014 7:09 am

Shakira‘s self-titled album dropped today (March 25), and the Colombian star used the occasion to premiere her video for its wailing single “Empire.” My main conclusion after watching this visual is that Shakira is a Game Of Thrones fan. Hear me out: there’s a wedding with an unwilling bride, a woman who is unharmed by fire, a breathtaking city on the side of a cliff, a dance freakout in a castle war room and side boob. Can’t forget the side boob. That’s straight up GoT.

As always with her videos, Shakira is completely arresting, regardless of the visuals around her. Even when she’s running Sound Of Music-style through an impossibly green valley, it’s tough to take your eyes off her. Check it out up top.

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