7 Questions With Akon: Unreleased Michael Jackson, Harlee, ‘Stadium’ & His Lighting Africa Project

Robbie Daw | March 25, 2014 8:53 am

Akon has been hitting the pavement to get the word out about two of his passion projects, but this time they’re not music releases. (That said, he does have a single out, “So Blue,” which you can purchase on iTunes here.) Rather, the hit-making music mogul is putting his power behind two philanthropic endeavors: Akon Lighting Africa, a project that aims to bring electricity to 1 million households in rural areas of the continent, and Peace One Day, a concert in the Congo this September 21 that Akon will headline in an effort to promote nonviolence on a day dedicated to cease-fire in war-torn areas.

Akon stopped by our studio to talk about these campaigns, and while chatting he let on that there are still a few unreleased “ideas” — in some form or other — with regards to collaborations between he and Michael Jackson that he’s holding onto.  One music-related project that will see the light of day in 2014, according to the singer, is his long-delayed fourth album Stadium.

“I’m definitely committed to putting out an album before the end of the year,” Akon tells Idolator, in the video interview posted above. “It’s goin’ out. I’ll be able to give you the exact dates very soon, but I have a huge plan on how I’m going to release it.”

Aside from his own music, Akon also recently collaborated with famed choreographer Laurieann Gibson (aka Harlee) on her single “Dream Warriors.”

“I’m looking forward to her, just on the road,” he says. “I think once she goes out on tour, people will really see a performance [that’s] out of this world. She’s one of the most innovative, creative type of artists in a long time.”

Catch Idolator’s full interview with Akon above.

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