Beyonce’s Secret Weapon, Boots, Returns With “Ride Ride Ride”: Listen

Carl Williott | March 25, 2014 8:38 am

Previously unknown singer/producer Boots was one of the main architects of Beyonce‘s self-titled album, and somehow he’s managed to keep a low profile following the media frenzy surrounding the LP. Last month, Boots (real name Jordy Asher) dropped the murky “Dust,” which further highlighted the production quirks he contributed to Bey’s songs like “Haunted”: undulating bass wobbles, faraway chimes and pianos, crisp percussion. But more than anything, Boots deals in a sense of atmosphere, melding pop grandeur with moodiness. His new track “Ride Ride Ride” has hit the Web today (March 25), and it boasts all those hallmarks. (Plus an assist from Sia‘s vocals in the form of a sampled voicemail, according to SPIN.)

Boots’ vocals are fine, but again it’s his production that stars. Like “Dust,” it’s another solid example of his ability to use minimalist R&B elements for a maximalist sound. This isn’t The Weeknd‘s woozy insularity, these are songs going for the rafters. Stream “Ride Ride Ride” below.

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