‘American Idol’ Recap: Janelle Monae Performs ‘Rio 2’ Song “What Is Love,” Majesty Rose Says Goodbye

Lisa Timmons | March 28, 2014 5:26 am

In addition to learning the identities of the top eight American Idol finalists, Thursday’s (March 27) episode featured a performance by Janelle Monae. The results come after Wednesday night’s “with the band”-themed performances by the top nine contestants, in which Jena Irene, Malaya Watson and Alex Preston belted their way into the top three spots.

The kids gather round the dinner table to chat over last night’s performances in anticipation of what the results will reveal.

No matter how uneventful the show may be, I can always count on the beautiful Jennifer Lopez to make a stunning entrance. Tonight, as she emerges on stage in a form-fitting red dress, is no exception.

Before the first results are revealed, in-house mentor and former judge Randy Jackson gives his appraisal of the performances, listing Caleb Johnson, Malaya Watson and Jena Irene as his top three favorites of the evening.

The first safe contestant announced is Jena, who takes to the lounge to wait for the fates of her fellow eight contestants. Next to join her is Malaya.

After a commercial break, we are treated to a performance from Janelle Monae, who makes her television debut of “What Is Love” from the animated feature film, Rio 2. It’s a fun, colorful performance that makes me want to take a trip to Rio de Janeiro in as little clothes as possible. Her funky fresh stylings and voice totally remind me of Majesty Rose.

The lights dim as we learn that Alex Preston rounds out the last of the top three spots. After him, Jessica Meuse learns that she, too, remains in the competition to sing another day. After that, Baby Meatloaf, AKA Caleb Johnson, gets the good news and makes his way to his buddies in the lounge.

The last contestant to learn that they are totally safe is Dexter Roberts, meaning that Majesty, Sam Woolf and C.J. Harris are the bottom three. Host Ryan Seacrest asks the judges if they think the voting results are surprising and Harry Connick Jr. answers that it appears America’s doing a good job of truly limiting the influence of their voting to the performances the night before. That makes sense.

After a commercial break, the last three contestants finally get to hear the results. Majesty, Sam and C.J. look terrified but maintain their cool under pressure as they await their fate. Jennifer looks emotionally drained at the news that one of these fresh faces is going home tonight. Majesty takes the news that she’s going to be singing for the save completely in stride, asking for the mic with a big smile shortly after Ryan announces her name.

The bouncy southern girl launches into her rendition of Pharrell‘s “Happy,” probably her best song selection from this season. Working the crowd with a big smile, Majesty truly gives it her all even if her voice betrays her at times. Fighting back tears after her final note, she and Ryan wait to hear to learn that once again, the judges weren’t able to come to a unanimous vote to keep her on the show.

Awww. She was a delight on this show, I have to say. But, just remember, she secured her spot on the American Idol tour, so let’s toast to that.

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