Karmin: 7 Questions About New Album ‘Pulses’ (And Nick Going Shirtless In The Video!)

Robbie Daw | March 28, 2014 9:27 am

Two years after the arrival of their debut EP Hello and several release date starts and stops, loveable pop duo Karmin — comprised of real life couple Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan — finally served up their first album Pulses this week. (Grab it on iTunes or enter to win a signed copy here.) It’s a collection of songs that give fans an overview of the full Karmin sound, and the pair found themselves working on it with such hit-making songwriters like Claude Kelly, Martin Johnson and Ester Dean.

The album’s title track was actually the first tune Karmin recorded for their album, Nick told us when the duo stopped by the Idolator studio this week. “After we got that song, we’re like, okay — this is new. I think this is our sound,” Noonan explained.

He also talked about going shirtless in the “Pulses” video, which just premiered last week. (Note: No one had to twist his arm to do it.)

Later Amy discussed her initial fear about touring earlier in 2014 without an album out. The pair will be hitting the road once more, however, starting April 6 in Dallas, and this time they have their full Pulses album readily available for fans to brush up with.

Watch our interview with Karmin above, then catch the duo’s list of upcoming tour dates here.

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