Memoir’s “Minimum Wage (The Heist)”: Idolator Premiere

Robbie Daw | March 31, 2014 9:14 am

How about we add a little soul to this final day of March — one final rush to get your blood pumping and your heart beating ahead of the blue skies and green trees and the birds chirping in springtime?

Below you’ll find the soulful, Motown-esque stomper “Minimum Wage (The Heist)”, the lead single from Los Angeles-based trio Memoir‘s debut LP Fire In Me. Idolator is premiering the song ahead of the album’s April 29th release, and you’d be forgiven for assuming this is some lost classic unearthed from a long-forgotten Martha Reeves And The Vandeallas recording session. (Rest assured, we don’t say that lightly).

Memoir frontwoman Dena Deadly filled us in on the track by noting the following:

‘Minimum Wage (The Heist)’ is really just about being tired of being broke and fantasizing about what it would be like to rob a bank and disappear forever, with all the money you could ever need. It’s a song for all those folks out there trying to get by on some ridiculously low wages, working two or three jobs. Musically it’s like an automatic rifle. It’s big, bad and fast. Like everything Memoir, it’s a little rock, a little soul, a little hip-hop, cinematic, epic and driving. Without a doubt, this song is our favorite song to play live!

Let us know below what you think of this raucous indie-soul throwdown!

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