Pitbull & G.R.L.’s “Wild Wild Love” Video: Watch Them Put In Work At Playboy Mansion

Carl Williott | March 31, 2014 10:37 am

Oh, what hath Avicii wrought? The unholy hybrid of folk-EDM-pop will only get stronger with Pitbull and G.R.L.‘s video for “Wild Wild Love,” and just as the prophecies foretold, the Hollywood Reporter cover boy and Deity of #Dale has descended upon the Playboy Mansion for the affair. Because if anyone was born to cheese it up at the Playboy Mansion, it’s Mr. Pit.

The David Rousseau-directed visual is based around a loose (ahem) narrative of Pit closing on some real estate deal. Somehow, though, the vid keeps from devolving into an LCD vehicle for T&A. Plus, it’s totally worth watching to see Pitbull conducting a Very Important Business Meeting in the Mansion’s conference room and trying his hand at acting. All those Bud Light ads are really paying off.

Watch it up top.

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