Rebecca & Fiona “Execute Patriarchy” In Their Bonkers “Holler” Video: Idolator Premiere

Mike Wass | April 1, 2014 6:00 am

Rebecca & Fiona deliver the second taste of sophomore set Beauty Is Pain today (April 1) and it’s an expertly calibrated dose of Scandinavian synth-pop. “Holler” was produced by Rebecca & Fiona and Carli (as was the not-exactly sugary lead single “Candy Love”), and it’s a darkly romantic pop song with a massive chorus and significant crossover appeal.

The video could be the ladies’ weirdest adventure yet. Rebecca & Fiona literally break out of their room and indulge in some graffiti writing before hitting the local pool. Oh and did I mention the part where they dance in towering platforms with anti-Nazi symbols emblazoned on their t-shirts? Or the creepy masked men that bop merrily behind them?

You might be wondering what it all means and there’s a relatively simple explanation. “The idea of the ‘Holler’ video is to reflect a young girl’s journey where she breaks out of her room and takes her place in the city that she deserves,” the DJs/divas reveal. “It’s a story about breaking free and abolishing patriarchy.” There’s even a speech in Swedish to that effect at the end. Watch up top.

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