Whatcha Say: Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry and Stevie Nicks Got Our Readers Talking

Bradley Stern | April 4, 2014 5:30 pm

Happy Friday, Idolator readers! This week was full of pop highs and lows — from Kesha‘s radiant return to the red carpet, to the announcement of Michael Jackson‘s posthumous record Xscape, to Miley’s heartbreaking on-stage breakdown after the loss of her beloved dog, Floyd. :(

There’s also plenty of promise on the horizon: Three pop divas announced their new singles — Lana Del Rey casually name-dropped her Ultraviolence lead single “West Coast,” Kylie Minogue opted for “I Was Gonna Cancel” and Katy Perry with “Birthday” — while the Mahomies will no doubt be pleased to learn that Austin Mahone’s debut, The Secret, is coming soon.

As always, you guys had plenty to say. Check out some of the week’s best comments below!

:: James K. couldn’t be happier about Kylie‘s new single on Kylie Minogue Reveals That “I Was Gonna Cancel” Is The Next Official Single From ‘Kiss Me Once’: ““I Was Gonna Cancel” is probably one of the top 3 tracks on “Kiss Me Once!” Its joyous message is something that we don’t hear much on the radio, these days. Hopefully, it does well on the radio and charts as it deserves to be a monster hit!”

:: And hkl1204 broke it down like a proper pop nerd: “‘Million Miles’ sounds a bit too generic, it wouldn’t last too long in airplay and sales. It’s missing sass and attitude to it to make it a single…’Get Outta My Way’ and ‘Million Miles’ share the same producer, Cutfather, and GOMW sounds much better. It didnt last long on the charts (we can blame bad promo schedule), which is a real shame. It’s one of my all-time favorite from Kylie.”

:: @ThisIsBillG had their eyes (or, rather, ears) elsewhere while watching Miley’s tearful breakdown on Miley Cyrus Breaks Down At Boston Concert, Hugs Inflatable Statue Of Her Recently Deceased Dog: “While it’s very sad that Miley’s beloved pup has passed away, this clip just shows me that she lip synchs… At least during Can’t Be Tamed. She clearly wasn’t singing and the track was clearly playing… And that was much more than just a backing track. May Floyd RIP.”

:: When it came to Gaga‘s assets, Andy M. was certainly a fan on Lady Gaga Moons Roseland Ballroom, Shows Monsters Her Ass: Watch: “If I had an ass like that, it would be difficult to force me to wear pants.”

:: Romy wasn’t quite sure what to make of the new posthumous Michael Jackson album on Michael Jackson’s ‘Xscape’ Announced: Posthumous Album Out In May: “The album title immediately brings to mind the awesome 90′s girl group. The album cover is just truly awful and creepy. (RIP)”

:: Adam was ready to blow the candles out on Katy Perry Names “Birthday” The 4th Single From ‘Prism’, Unveils Adorable Cover: “Smart choice. Birthday is going to be big, it’s already a PRISM highlight.I was hoping it would be this one as next single. Hopefully she will end the PRISM era with Legendary Lovers or Double Rainbow, or both! Since, truth is, the remaining tracks are plain album fillers.”

:: As was MusicManDave: “Great choice Katy!! “Birthday” is another anthem like “Friday” from her last album. Have Fun and Celebrate!!”

:: Morgan was taken by Stevie Nicks‘ collaboration with Lady Antebellum on Stevie Nicks Teams Up With Lady Antebellum For A New Version Of “Golden”: Listen: “Gorgeous beyond words. What a treat to hear a new recording from Stevie. Her voice blends beautifully with Charles, Maybe he can join Fleetwood Mac? Can you imagine him, Stevie and Christine harmonizing? Lindsay Buckingham’s voice leaves me cold, so I have to fantasize of alternate male voices to go with Stevie’s.”

:: And finally, Lynette had a similar idea: “Absolutely beautiful!!! Stevie just gets better and better. I love hearing her and Hillary, and Charles harmonizing. The harmony is what I love about Lady A, but Stevie brings it to a different dimension. Maybe she should join Lady A. Just thinking…”

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