‘American Idol’ Recap: Dexter Roberts Returns To Sweet Home Alabama

Lisa Timmons | April 18, 2014 4:54 am

After a Wednesday night filled with strange guest spots and appearances, Thursday night’s American Idol results show revealed which six contestants survived the voting after performing in this week’s “Competitor’s Pick”-themed show. The performances were either deemed stellar by the judges or pretty abysmal, with not a whole lot in between — which doesn’t bode well for certain finalists (and one in particular).

The show opens with an intro from Kevin Bacon? OK, it’s strange, but at least it’s pleasantly strange, unlike the whole Terry Bradshaw appearance. The judges appear and Jennifer Lopez is rocking some serious thigh-high black boots. Harry Connick Jr. is in a suit and Keith Urban‘s doing his usual rock and roller thing in leather and a t-shirt. The opening banter between host Ryan Seacrest and the judges includes him teasing Jennifer about how short her dress is. Mercifully, it doesn’t last long.

We get a flashback of the kids gathering ’round the dinner table after Wednesday’s show and chatting about how they did. After a commercial break, the finalists star in yet another in-show commercial. At least this time, they get to do it with cooler cars: some vintage Ford Mustangs.

First, we get some insight from mentor Randy Jackson. He takes a look at how Dexter did Wednesday night. Randy thinks he has a strong voice. Next is a review of Alex Preston’s performance. Randy says, “He’s developing into a great artist.” We see how Jena Irene did and Randy says emphatically, “She’s the one to beat.”

And sure enough, she’s the first to find out that she’s safe and makes her way to the lounge. Immediately, Alex finds out he’s safe and that Dexter is in the bottom three.

Randy takes a look at how C.J. Harris performed and says he did a good job, but wants him to give even more. As for Jessica Meuse, Randy’s not sure how she will fare in terms of the voting. Sam Woolf gave a “good” performance, Randy thinks, but also that the teenager could do better. Caleb Johnson is noted by Randy as being consistent each week.

Caleb is the first of this next group to learn that he is safe and joins his future prom date, Jena, in the lounge. C.J. then learns the good news that he’s staying. Sam is not in the bottom two and Jessica joins Dexter on the dreaded stools reserved for the bottom two.

After a return from a commercial break, we learn fairly quickly that it’s Dexter going home. For his farewell song, he sings, “Lucky Man” by Montgomery Gentry. To his credit, he takes it all with a smile as he prepares to head back home to Alabama.

Adios, Dexter, and Godspeed. We barely knew ye (though Idol fans can see you again on this summer’s American Idol Tour). And on that note, congratulations to the top six!

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