Capital Cities’ Festival Guide: Get Equipped For Indio Weekend 2

Robbie Daw | April 18, 2014 5:51 am

SPONSORED: This content was created in partnership with Levi’s.

The first weekend of Indio, California’s big annual music festival set the bar pretty high, as far as our expectations for round two go. Just a few highlights from the fest’s first outing: Beyonce stepping on stage with sister Solange, Pharrell bringing Gwen Stefani out and Jay Z stepping up to the mic with Nas.

This weekend, it all happens again with a staggering lineup of favorites (Lorde, Lana Del Rey and Disclosure, to name a few). However, the desert can be a cruel mistress, with sunburns, dehydration and tripping over celebrities living out their Woodstock fantasies all a very real risk. Fortunately, we have enlisted the help of Capital Cities to give some sage advice on how to get equipped for weekend two in Indio.


1) A White V-Neck T-Shirt: Classic but always in style to keep us breezy in the Indio heat. They also go with everything and keep packing easy while on the road.

2) A Pair of Shades: Our fashion forward choice is a pair of black sunglasses from our drummer’s sunglass line, the C. Holmes collection. Channing also makes custom pocket squares that we’ll be sporting on stage.

3) A Recreational Activity: Smoke some grass, trees, mary jane, chronic, skunk, cannabis and hash. Then Uber it. :)

4) The Non-Pretentious Music Expert Friend: Bring the friend who has excellent music taste and is down for anything. No divas allowed!

5) A Jacket: Though you’ve been in the sun all day – it will get cool at night. We pack our Levi’s Trucker® to shield us from the cool desert evenings in Indio.

6) Take Care of Your Body Pre-Festival: Hitting up shows all day and all night will run it’s toll. Not to mention it’s hot and dusty out there – so make sure you have a healthy immune system so you’re at least semi-functional post-festival. Keep drinking your water and Emergen-C!

7) Comfortable Shoes: Very important – wear a comfortable pair of shoes! You’ll be on your feet most of the day and walking the festival grounds going from stage-to-stage. We like our Converses because they’re classic and you can wear them with anything.

8) Technology: Don’t forget your cell phone at home. You’ll need it to find your friends and to Instagram your favorite artists on stage. Capital Cities, of course. ;)

9) Hydration: You’re going to be in the hot desert sun all day so don’t forget to sneak in your water canteen! For an extra boost of energy, we like to fill ours with juice before hitting the stage.

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