Justin Bieber Debuts Surprise R&B Ballad “Hard2FaceReality”: Listen

Christina Lee | April 27, 2014 7:55 am

Justin Bieber debuted a new song, “Hard2FaceReality,” April 26 on SoundCloud. In the ’90s-inspired R&B ballad, he and singer Poo Bear exchange wounded verses of a long-distance relationship, slowly falling apart. “Relationships over the phone, talking to your significant other all night long,” Bieber sings in the first verse.

“Hard2FaceReality” was posted to Bieber’s new SoundCloud profile, “sirbizzle.” Earlier this year, the pop star temporarily switched his Instagram handle to “bizzle,” before U.K. rapper Lethal Bizzle protested (“I guess he realized there’s only one Bizzle after all,” he said). The attempted name change, in addition to his new material, makes clear that Bieber’s trying to transition out of teen-pop status as he was in his 2013 digital-download LP Journals.

Hear Bieber’s new song after the jump.

[via Billboard]