Mariah Carey’s Label Has Zero Confidence That She Can Pull Off A ‘Beyonce’

Carl Williott | April 28, 2014 8:50 am

In her Billboard cover story, Mariah Carey revealed that she has all but scrapped The Art Of Letting Go, deciding instead to announce a completely new album title and release the updated project “as a body of work” so fans could hear it “as if they were listening to it with me for the first time.” The magazine spoke with Jermaine Dupri and others involved to confirm that the LP would be released in a Beyonce-lite manner, meaning all-at-once digitally a week before physical copies hit shelves.

Welp, now Billboard reports that Carey’s label, Def Jam, has totally nixed that plan. Def Jam Executive VP for Media Laura Swanson said the album will see a traditional promo strategy leading up to a “late May” simultaneous digital/physical release.

While this appears to be another example of backtracking in an album era that has been plagued with delays and tepid singles, at least now it sounds like Team Mimi has a concrete rollout plan in place.

[via Billboard]