Beyonce And Jay Z’s ‘On The Run’ Tour Pre-Sale Wreaks Havoc On Twitter: See The Best Tweets

Mike Wass | April 29, 2014 12:57 pm

Pre-sale for Beyonce and Jay Z‘s blockbuster On The Run tour kicked off at 8am this morning (April 29) and, not that unexpectedly, sparked a minor Twitter riot when prices and seating plans were finally revealed. VIP packages range from $491 for a seat in the first 20 rows to a whopping $1746 to be right up front row. (A standard ticket will set you back anywhere between $36.50 and $222).

While not unreasonable compared to other major draws like Madonna and Justin Timberlake, the prices still made some fans balk and they immediately expressed their discontent on Twitter. There was a smattering of genuine outrage but most were determined to attend On The Run, even if it meant taking out a loan and buying binoculars. See the frustration, humor and mayhem after the jump.

Quips about prices:

Defenders soon came to the rescue:

Stubhub stuck again:

Prices and venue size quickly became a meme:

A group prayer went around:

There was a happy ending for most:

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