Are Demi Lovato & Ed Sheeran Eyeing A Collaboration?

Carl Williott | April 30, 2014 10:07 am

Demi Lovato and Ed Sheeran have been tweeting each other about working on a song together. It began Tuesday (April 29) when Lovato tweeted out a list of her dream collaborators, which included Kelly Clarkson, Eminem, Nicki Minaj and Sheeran, among others. The British singer replied enthusiastically, saying, “Let’s write a song then!” and Lovato followed up that she’s “down” for it.

Usually, this sort of meaningless social media chatter would warrant a “hey that’s cool but wake me up when you have actual concrete news about it” response. However! Earlier today (April 30) we learned that Sheeran is working on a collaborative album with Game, and guess how that partnership started? With a Twitter conversation. So… it could happen, is what we’re saying.

Check out their tweets below.

[via MTV]

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