Who Is Victoria Duffield & How Have We Lived Without “More Than Friends” Until Now: Watch Her Video

Just when you thought Canada couldn’t possibly produce any more pop goddesses a la Alanis, Carly Rae, Kiesza & Bieber, along comes sweet Victoria Duffield and her perky pop treat “More Than Friends.” If we’re going to start the hand-wringing over 2014’s Song Of The Summer (it is, after all, May 1st), let’s take a minute to ponder this one, pop fanatics.

Sure, the video is just one (okay — maybe two) notches above the standard ARK Factory fare, and Victoria’s entire look is copped from pre-RollingStone-cover-in-1999 Britney Spears (i.e. her truly “innocent” era). And, come to think of it, the song’s production sounds like it was also lifted from said time period, as well. But that’s also what makes this hot non-mess so magical. Everything about it should be wrong, but it’s so, so right.

After all, any song with the line “don’t be a tragedy, just be mine” is a slam-dunk in my book.

Upon doing some (very) light sleuthing, it seems the 19-year-old Duffield was a former contestant on Canada’s series The Next Star. She also worked at one point with Marianas Trench member Josh Ramsay, who struck international gold in 2012 after co-writing and producing “Call Me Maybe” for Carly Rae Jepsen, a fellow Canuck.

It’s (not really) worth noting that Victoria’s background dancers above are non-white, but she’s so under the radar at the moment that it’s unlikely she’ll receive any kind of Sky Ferreira/Avril Lavigne backlashapalooza.

Enjoy “More Than Friends” above, and thank me maybe.

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