Kitty Announces ‘impatiens’ EP: Hear The Opening Track “emob0unce”

Carl Williott | May 7, 2014 12:11 pm

Florida bedroom rapper Kitty has been veering away from hip-hop in recent releases, but in new song “emob0unce” she balances the singing and the rhyming, like a Lisa Frank Tumblr version of Drake. The song is the opening cut on her just-announced impatiens EP, which she’s self-releasing on May 13. Explaining the concept behind the title, Kitty says “impatiens are flowers that bloom in summer, and when the first frost comes they shrivel into nothing… these are the impatiens that grew in me last summer… they were beautiful in bloom, so once they shriveled into nothing i turned them into 5 silly songs 4 u.”

To go along with the EP, Kitty will release visuals for each track (which she directed and edited) via her Tumblr on the release day.

Stream “emob0unce” and check out the tracklist below.

Kitty’s impatiens EP tracklist: 1. “☆:*・°☆:* emob0unce °☆.*・°☆” ( Friendly Ghost) 2. “BrB ( ˘ ³˘)❤” (prod. by Pat Lukens) 3. “m0rgan stop” (prod. by Brandun Deshay) 4. “Ψ retr0grade Ψ” (prod. by Djemba Djemba) 5. “marijuana” (prod. by Chrome Sparks)

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