Michael Jackson Gets Angry On “Blue Gangsta”: Listen

Carl Williott | May 8, 2014 9:27 am

We’re still digesting the recently released, placid Michael Jackson song “Loving You,” and now “Blue Gangsta” has premiered — and it comes from the other side of the MJ spectrum. While “Chicago” had a hint of MJ’s more aggressive side, for the most part, the songs we’ve heard off Xscape showcase the King of Pop’s soft side. But “Blue Gangsta” goes all-in on the “Smooth Criminal”/”Scream” persona, featuring Jackson’s trademark pained yelp.

It all starts with strings swelling up as a multi-tracked MJ sings “Whatcha gonna do/ You ain’t the friend of mine/ Look what you’ve put me through/ Now that I’m the blue gangsta.” Then shards of Timbaland‘s metallic production slice through, and MJ digs his heels in to wail about being wronged.

The song was recorded in 1998 and originally leaked in 2010. Hear the official Xscape version below.

Watch Akon talk about his time spent working with Michael Jackson below: