‘American Idol’ Recap: Top 3 Revealed & Jessica Meuse Returns To Slapout

Lisa Timmons | May 9, 2014 5:47 am

After a Wednesday evening in which the four finalists performed three songs each for the night, the Thursday night American Idol results show (May 8) reminds us just how close the season is to coming to an end. The theme of Wednesday night’s songs was love and each song was inspired by a makeup, a dedication and a breakup. Ultimately, it was one unfortunate contestant with whom America decided to break up. And it was definitely a tearful farewell for that sad soul, who just wasn’t able to make it far enough to enjoy a hero’s welcome at the hometown themed episode next week.

The show opened with what has now become a familiar scene this season, the remaining finalists gathered around a dinner table discussing the prior night’s performances. The kids chat with each other like old friends and profess their love before leaving the table to learn of their fate. It’s easy to completely breeze past the fact that there are two people sitting at the table who chose not to save Sam Woolf. #NeverForget #Betrayal.

The judges arrive to the stage and Jennifer Lopez is pure perfection in red. Harry Connick Jr. has pulled out one of his goofy suits and Keith Urban‘s looking very aerodynamic, per usual. At one point, Harry starts tossing freshly-baked beignets into the audience. One minute, he’s giving insightful, complex musical advice and the next, I swear a monkey could do his job.

With the finale a few weeks away, American Idol is already promoting the upcoming season’s tour, having announced the locations of several spots along the way the night before. Good lord, this season has totally flown by and we’re already supposed to be gearing up for another one? I don’t know how much more earnest singing I can take — er, I mean, yay!

After the lights dim, the first person to learn they will be enjoying a hometown visit is none other than youngster, Jena Irene. After JLo’s dramatic rush to the stage to give Jena a big kiss and hug after Jena’s final performance of the night Wednesday, it should come as no surprise that she’s a crowd favorite.

From there, it’s the ever-powerful Caleb Johnson, who finds out he is safe. All three of Caleb’s song choices were unanimously well-received by the judges the night before, so this announcement also didn’t prove much of a shocker.

Finally, it’s Alex Preston who learns that he has earned the final spot in the top three. He’ll be rewarded with a hero’s welcome during next week’s “Hometown Heroes” episode, which features the finalists’ return to their location of origin to be showered with local parades, ice sculptures made in their image and whatnot.

Alas, since there can only be three, it’s Jessica Meuse who got the much-dreaded boot. The guitar-slinging country gal opted to go out with an original song, “Blue-Eyed Lie,” the ditty that first won the attention of the judges and her golden ticket to Hollywood. With a tight shot on her tearful face, it’s yet another emotional departure for another dejected contestant. We see her goodbye montage and hear the sound of her portrait’s light being turned off. It’s all very dramatic.

Next week, it’s time for the top three contestants to enjoy the spoils of their winnings and return to their hometowns for some local support and pampering. And we’ll be one week closer to the impending finale of yet another season of American Idol. And, apparently, the start of another one. Sheesh!