La Roux Return With “Let Me Down Gently”: Hear The Comeback Song

Carl Williott | May 12, 2014 5:54 am

UPDATE: “Let Me Down Gently” premiered today on BBC Radio 1, and it’s a buzz track off their sophomore album, which is indeed called Trouble In Paradise (out July 8). That’s the cover artwork to the left.

After months of hints and rumors, and a full year after they unveiled new material during a string of shows, British synth-poppers La Roux have released “Let Me Down Gently,” the alleged first single from their alleged sophomore album which is allegedly titled Trouble In Paradise and allegedly due in July. The song is a slow-burner, the opening bars bringing to mind the pained pop of Lykke Li‘s current effort, and certainly more resigned than their earlier fare.

But about halfway through, there’s a tantalizing pause before a wash of synths, organs and percussion swirl behind Elly Jackson‘s urgent vocals, begging someone to let her down gently and turn her into someone good. At this point, it becomes a full-on return to their blissful synth-scapes, but it’s markedly less saccharine than anything off their 2009 self-titled debut (don’t worry, the sax solo picks up the slack in that department).

Hear the new offering below and check out a high res version of the cover.

la roux trouble in paradise

[via Popdust]