Is The Final Season Of ‘Glee’ Being Cut Short?

Christina Lee | May 12, 2014 8:05 am

FOX hints that the final season of Glee may be shorter than planned. While the network originally ordered 22 episodes of the musical dramedy, Glee doesn’t appear on its 2014-2015 schedule released today (May 12), opening up the possibility that its final season could be trimmed to just 13 episodes.

To FOX’s entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly, that would come to the show’s benefit. “The order currently is for 22 but we’re actually going to sit down with [co-creator Ryan Murphy] and really talk about how we’re going to end it and figure that out,” he says, via The Hollywood Reporter. “The advantage of having it on later in the season is that we don’t have to feel the pressure of delivering.” For fans, this means that FOX would air all the episodes in a row, without repeats.

FOX’s new schedule arrives just as Glee‘s current and fifth season wraps tomorrow, May 13. This season was trimmed from 22 episodes to 20, following production delays and the death of star Cory Monteith. Reilly assures that going into Giee‘s final season though, whether it’s 22 or 13 episodes, Murphy knows exactly where the show is heading. “We sat down creatively and heard where it was going and we thought that there was a creative, compelling reason to do it that way,” Reilly says.

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