Mariah Carey’s “Thirsty” Hook Was Lifted From Purple Crush? The Pop Duo Certainly Thinks So

Mike Wass | May 15, 2014 10:46 am

Mariah Carey‘s Elusive Chanteuse campaign finally hit its stride when endlessly quotable club-banger “Thirsty” dropped earlier this week. It’s just what the world wants from Mimi — a flawless vocal, slick production (courtesy of Hit-Boy) and an insanely catchy hook. Only, Los Angeles-based duo Purple Crush claim the diva stole the latter from their similarly-titled 2013 single.

The synth-poppers, who memorably sued Lady Gaga’s former manager/producer Rob Fusari for allegedly using their work on Born This Way, spotted the similarities between their “Thirsty” and Mariah’s, and posted a side-by-side comparison on their Instagram. The hook is the same but, then again, it’s only two words — so it could just be a coincidence? See Purple Crush’s Insta-update after the jump and decide for yourself.

Purple Crush’s “Thirsty” video from 2013:

Was the band ripped off or this just a coincidence? Give your verdict in the comments below.

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