Nicki Minaj’s Powerhouse Set: “Dropping My Single On Wednesday”

Christina Lee | May 18, 2014 8:18 am

Nicki Minaj invited Soulja Boy during Power 106’s Powerhouse show in Los Angeles, to perform their collaboration “Yasss Bish!!!” as it was released two weeks ago. When it wrapped, though, Minaj offered a correction — or as she said, “a little tiny remix” — to her lyrics. “I was saying, ‘Dropping my single in two weeks.’ Now I said, ‘Dropping my single on Wednesday / tell them bitches I’m their sensei.'”

For fans, that first line was crucial. By then, they already told Minaj that they had been counting down from when “Yasss Bish!!!” dropped, only to feel misled.

That second line, however, helped to emphasize the seemed point of Minaj’s Powerhouse set: “Be the queen of motherfucking hip-hop.” Since she first captivated rap fans with scene-stealing guest verses among the genre’s A-listers, she’s likened herself to a sensei. Recent output, from “Lookin’ Ass” to her remix of Young Thug‘s “Danny Glover,” has helped recall those days too.

Trust, though: Nicki Minaj hasn’t forgotten how she blew up into a superstar, either. As Powerhouse, she followed “Yasss Bish!” (18:35) with breakout pop hits “Super Bass” and “Starships.” Immediately, a crowd of female fans started rapping along.