Lana Del Rey Sings Alternate Lyrics In Grades’ “West Coast” Remix

Carl Williott | May 19, 2014 7:59 am

We’ve already heard four official remixes of Lana Del Rey‘s “West Coast,” but now the Ultraviolence lead single gets a fifth life, and for this one Lana sings a few alternate lyrics. British producer Grades reworked the track this time, building an effervescent, low-impact house beat to match with her sultry vocals.

Using an alternate vocal track, there’s a “Mic check, one two” ad lib, and instead of her repetion of “Your love, your love, your love” Lana sings “Hold me close and you say hush baby hush.” Later, instead of the original’s “I guess that no one ever really made me feel that much higher” (or “feel I’m a child”), the line is “I’m feeling like there’s no one else, it brings me higher and higher.”

Hear the remix below.

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[via DAZED]