Ibrawlator: Michael Jackson’s Billboard Music Awards Hologram — Cool Or Creepy?

Bradley Stern | May 19, 2014 8:25 am

Last night’s 2014 Billboard Music Awards saw a ton of acts hitting the stage — from Pitbull to Ariana Grande to Jennifer Lopez. But one of the most buzzed-about performances last night wasn’t actually a live performance at all — it was a hologram. The King Of Pop Michael Jackson‘s hologram, to be exact.

In order to promote the music icon’s posthumous record Xscape, the legendary entertainer was briefly brought to life using the magic of technology, appearing on the BBMAs main stage to perform his Timbaland-produced track, “Slave To The Rhythm.”

The performance provoked a lot of joy, even some tears from the crowd — and also a whole lot of confusion and/or general discomfort. So, we wanted to hear from our readers: Did the performance do justice to the legacy of the King Of Pop, or was it simply just a creepy stunt? Tell us now.

Weigh in by voting below, and then leave a comment telling us what you thought about the performance.

The vote will close on Monday, May 16 at noon EST!