Demi Lovato Chimes In On The Vamps’ Reworked “Somebody To You”: Listen

Christina Lee | May 19, 2014 10:03 am

Rising U.K. boy band The Vamps debuted its re-worked version of “Somebody to You” featuring Demi Lovato on Capital FM.

Lovato, last seen in her adorable “Really Don’t Care” lyric video, chimes in during the song’s second verse. She sing the band’s original lyrics of being won over, despite themselves: “I used to run around, I didn’t want to settle down, but I wake each day, looking for a way I can see your face… ” While The Vamps have yet to break into U.S. charts, the chances of doing so via “Somebody to You” is starting to look good.

The Vamps initially caught the attention of pop listeners as an opening act for Taylor Swift. They would later toy with different genres in their debut Meet the Vamps, although the singalong-worthy “Somebody to You” bears some of Swift’s influence. The Vamps stomp around, belt their earnest hook and unleash a few Lumineers-style “Yeah, you!”s, as if the band’s already got arena tours of their own in mind.

Hear The Vamps’ “Somebody to You” featuring Demi Lovato below.

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